CHANDS: A Challenging Hand Gesture Dataset


Existing hand datasets have focused on only one of the following aspects – low level imagery data suitable for gesture recognition, middle level pose/skeleton data applicable to high precision human-computer interactions, and high level 3D geometry for producing virtual avatars. We present the first dataset called Challenging Hands or CHANDS dataset that is composed of multi-view images, 3D skeleton, and 3D geometry corresponding to unprecedentedly difficult gestures performed by real hands. Specifically, we construct a multi-view dome to acquire the multi-view images and conduct initial 3D reconstructions and use a hand tracker to separately capture the skeleton. We then present a robust technique for aligning the skeleton to the geometry as well as correcting errors in the 3D geometry. Although our focus is on data generation, we also evaluate state-of-theart hand models on point set registration and single image hand shape estimation, etc.